Faye's Aparentments is conveniently located in Brusubi, The Gambia. This is the area enclosed between the towns of Brufut, Sukata and Bijilo. This area has a central location, and is rapidly being developed. The included map marks the exact spot of Faye's Apartments.

Faye's Apartments is located near the highway leading from Banjul Airport to Senegambia, making it easy to visit other sites in the country from here.


Faye's Apartments make it ideally suited to explore the surrounding area. We have some tips for sights to see in The Gambia.

  • Lamin Lodge is a unique restaurant, built from the mangrove woods harvested in the direct surroundings.
  • Bijilo Forest Park is a rainforest nature reserve, featuring hundreds of kinds of birds, and many monkeys.
  • Banjul Airport
  • Ghana Town is a fishermen's town offering a view on everyday Gambian life. The freshly caught fish is directly dried or smoked, and the bongo fish is a true delicacy.
  • Brufut is not very well-known with tourists. Few can be found on the beautiful beach. The natives however, know to enjoy themselves here. Brufut is well suited for those looking to find the true West-African life style. The beautiful environment with palm trees and African "Baobab" trees put you in a tropical state of mind. Brufut is also known for its many mosques.
  • Kololi and Senegambia are directly on the Atlantic coast. This lively town offers plenty of entertainment both day and night, is popular with tourists. You will find plenty of fun restaurants, bars, a supermarket and a casino here.
  • Bird Safari Camp. The Gambia is a paradise for bird enthusiasts and you will encounter the most exotic of species here. New species are discovered regularly and the country counts up to 450 different birds, some unique to The Gambia.
  • Brikama has a tourist market, where natives try to sell their woodcarving products.
  • Banjul is the capital of The Gambia, offering many interesting sites, monuments and museums.
  • Restaurant Ali Baba is a tourist restaurant in Senegambia, serving (among others) pizza and live football.